12 tips for successful exhibiting at ISE Barcelona 2022

It is not always easy to obtain the result expected from ISE 2022 Barcelona. This is the time when, as exhibitors, we must show the best of ourselves and sometimes it is inevitable that doubts will arise. No one can guarantee that you will be successful at your next trade show, but… by following these 12 tips you will be closer to success!

1. Define your objective clearly at ISE Barcelona

The first mistake you can make at a fair is simply to go to it because “you have to be there”. If you don’t set yourself a goal or objective your exhibition will be meaningless and doomed to failure! If at the time of the fair you don’t have a new product or idea to make known, don’t be discouraged, in this kind of event there are always a great number of possible objectives. From increasing your list of contacts to establishing a minimum of sales, it is important that you identify your objective before you go to the event and do your best to meet it.

  2. Plan everything in advance 

When is the best time to start planning a fair? The same time you finish the previous one! You’ll have the successes and mistakes made at the last event fresh in your mind and you’re sure to come up with hundreds of ideas, which you’d better not let cool. Besides, you will have time to do everything calmly. Having to prepare your stand for a fair in too much of a hurry is the first step to make it not work.

3 Get the best possible location in the hall of Fira Barcelona 

It is vitally important to have a well-situated space in the exhibition hall. At ise.barcelona we have been familiar with the Fira de Barcelona’s pavilions for 30 years. You can consult us if the space contracted is going to be a popular venue according to its location.

4. Find a balance between design and functionality 

It is true that a striking and successful stand design will lead nowhere without an interesting idea, product or speech behind it. But it is also true that at an event of this kind the visual aspect is very important. Don’t forget that in the vast majority of cases it will be the first impression that leads people to approach your stand or otherwise to walk away from it. It is always a good option to go to design professionals in order to express your idea in the most attractive way possible for visitors.

5. Reliable and profitable supplier for your interests at ISE Barcelona 2022

At Ise.Barcelona we guarantee you the best suppliers in stand builders and all the services you need to make your participation in ISE 2021 Barcelona a total success at the best price

6. Marketing and Social Networks

E-mail marketing and more traditional methods are still effective in preparing a fair, but today it is even more important to give the event a presence on Social Networks: a Facebook page, a hashtag for Twitter and an exclusive Instagram for the fair… All this will increase your notoriety. And if your content is interesting as well as promotional, it will be shared in social networks increasing your presence.

7. Invest in graphic material if necessary at  ISE Barcelona

If the graphics on your stand are not in the best condition, they will produce a negative image and harm your objectives – remember that image is very important at these events! Also, if they are too small or placed where they should not be, they will not communicate your message correctly and will be of little use. Before you go to a fair you should always check the graphic elements you have, maybe it is time to order new material!

8. Make sure you send the right staff

Before selecting the team that will occupy the stand, think about the following: they will be the representatives of your company in front of all the attendees, who, if everything goes well, will be many. This means that your stand should be occupied by the best, those who, in addition to representing the company’s values and image, know perfectly the sales process and the operation of what you are going to exhibit at the fair. A good part of the success of the exhibition depends on them.

9. Think of an alternative plan

No matter how well we organize an event, it is impossible to have everything under control. A thousand things can happen, from an oversight to the intervention of factors we cannot control. That’s why it’s interesting to make a risk plan in which, by putting ourselves in the worst possible situation, we define how we should act in the event that something goes wrong.

10. Treat information well

Success at a trade fair is not just about attracting a lot of interested people and getting a lot of leads, as this will not help you if you do not treat all the information collected properly. Do a continuous follow-up to divide the contacts obtained according to how relevant they are to your interests, and communicate with them in a more personalized way.

11. Take care of post-fair marketing 

Not everything ends when you pick up your stand at the fair. It is important to take care of the post-fair marketing in order to optimize or boost the results you may have obtained. If everything has gone well, you will have generated some attention and it is time to take advantage of it. And those attending the fair who were not completely interested can improve their perception and become buyers.

12. Be positive and keep the good things about ISE Barcelona 2022!

As we have already said, it is very difficult for everything to be perfect and not make any mistakes. Still, don’t focus on them. Learn from mistakes instead of complaining about them and keep all the positive things you can get out of ISE 2021 once it is over. If you become obsessed with absolute perfection, you will miss out on the good opportunities you may have achieved.2

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