Stand suppliers for ISE Barcelona 2022, how to pick the best one?

Trade fairs, exhibitions, congresses and similar events continue to be marketing tools that give companies an opportunity to differentiate themselves from their competition. ISE Barcelona 2022 is one of the world’s largest trade fairs. Distributors, specifies and customers gather in one place for a few days to catch up on the latest developments, attend conferences and talks, network or reconnect with people.

The business relationships that are initiated or built up at a trade fair justify the investment. Although they are no longer the exclusive meeting place for launching and presenting new products, as information flows much faster through other channels, especially since we have been using the internet, we all continue to enjoy these personal encounters.

Whether the objective is to present new products, branding, networking or all of these at the same time, companies need to consider a number of factors when choosing who will design, manufacture and assemble their stand for ISE Barcelona 2022.

Choosing the right exhibition stand supplier remains a challenge. Few stand design companies are able to meet all the criteria that need to be taken into account while offering a guarantee of quality at a competitive price.

Essential criteria for choosing the right exhibition stand provider

Here are the factors that we consider critical when choosing a trade fair stand supplier, the criteria that, in our opinion, make the difference.

#1. Creativity – Added value ─ Differentiate yourself from your competition at ISE Barcelona

It happens relatively often that we see a stand and it catches our attention, we like it, it attracts us and we may not really know why. Stand designs that, being asymmetrical, maintain a balance, a harmony in the forms, produce this effect. They transmit calmness to us, we find them beautiful.

Designs that provide groundbreaking details that strike us with their originality, with the way they communicate a subtle message in a graphic way, through their shapes and colours, are magnetic. Thus, creativity is the most powerful tool to impact our subconscious and generate sympathy for the brand. Trust MAGRADA to get your best design stand.

#2. Personalization ─ Brand positioning at ISE Barcelona

It seems to be a matter of pride to state that a stand should be designed with the exhibiting company’s brand. However, when we talk about customization, it is not enough for the corporate logo to appear in a few places on the stand and that’s it. No, far from it.

We are talking about customizing it according to the value proposition and brand positioning. We are talking about doing it in a way that is aligned with the objectives that the brand has set itself when deciding to participate in the fair. We are talking about transmitting a clear and univocal company message.

At MAGRADA we have been specialists for 30 years in customizing design stands.

#3. ‘Turnkey’ ─ Accompaniment, from start to finish

A ‘turnkey’ service is one that frees the client from the headaches of coordinating all the details involved in the manufacture and assembly of a stand. Turnkey’ means that, once the project has been approved, the stand supplier sets up the necessary logistics and takes care of everything, absolutely everything, to deliver the stand completely finished on the agreed day, taking care of all the details involved in the process.

The peace of mind of knowing that we delegate the manufacture and assembly of the stand to a company that we can fully trust does not come with money. From start to finish, working side by side with the client so that every last detail is perfect.

#4. Experience ─ Solvency

Bringing the experience of having designed and built more than half a thousand stands in 25 years of professional experience is a guarantee. Few companies can provide a solvency that encompasses such a wide range of cases.

The experience of having encountered difficulties and setbacks of all kinds makes it easier to have agile and timely responses to the inevitable unforeseen events that arise, whether we want them to or not. The ability to find effective solutions to adverse situations offers peace of mind and is undoubtedly the best guarantee of quality to ensure that your participation in ISE 2021 is a complete success.

#5. Transparency ─ Re-use

Clear accounts. Transparency in the numbers, in the costs of each of the elements involved, and the peace of mind of knowing that each of the pieces of a stand are defended and negotiated to achieve the best quality at the best price.

In addition, every opportunity to recycle, to reuse pieces for other uses is considered, and they are designed for this purpose, in a multi-purpose way. Sometimes, furniture, panels or other elements from a fair are perfectly reusable in a showroom or in the company’s own offices. This is a clear way to be sustainable and to reduce costs.

As you know ISE will be held for years in Barcelona, what better way than to reuse part of the stand with an experienced company such as MAGRADA.

MAGRADA stand designs

Each client is unique. Each client of ISE Barcelona has different needs, objectives and budget. We adapt to this. We strive to give each stand a personal touch, different, that makes an impact, where our clients’ customers feel welcome, with transparency and looking to save costs as much as possible. We have many designs to show you in our portfolio.

Contact MAGRADA NOW and we will talk about what kind of stand design you want

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